Barefoot Basics Exercise Program

Top 7 must do exercises for functional foot stability

Hi my name is Paul Thompson and welcome to the barefoot movement. I want to start by Congratulating you on taking action in rebuilding functional foundations. Our foundations play an important part to not only how we move but can also affect our performance as well as increase the wear and tear on our body that ultimately results in pain and injury.

If you are currently suffering an injury it is advised to have the injury assessed and treated first prior to commencing the course. Building feet that support your body will ultimately help reduce pain but you do not want to flare things up more In the short term.

Remember this is not about experiencing extrememly fast results it is about resetting your body to its natural state and creating a body that supports you and your active lifestyle.

This video is broken down into the top 7 exercises that will help you begin restoring optimal health and function.

"Remember the barefoot movement is not solely about getting your shoes off but more importantly creating a body that can function the way it is meant to and ultimately to have a body that supports your activities and movements without the need or reliance for supportive footwear or orthoics."

Once again congratulations on reconnecting with your feet and taking this step toward improving your health and wellbeing.

Your Instructor

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson has been a Podiatrist for over a decade. He is passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase the longevity of your body and improving quality of life.

Paul's own personal experience with years in orthotics, injuries, and increasing pain through day-to-day activites, has lead him to successfully seek a better way of life!

As well as being a qualified Podiatrist, Paul is also a certified Barefoot Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and a qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor. Paul is trained in dry needling techniques and mobilisation techniques, so I guess you could say he understands a thing or two about human walking patterns, foot posture and how to help you achieve functional barefoot greatness.

Paul's approach to foot posture and optimal foundation health is different to what a lot of other products and practioner’s can offer. Paul essentially turned his back on traditional thinking after realising first hand he was only offering a bandaid solution to much bigger problems. After trialling alternative methods on himself, as well as continually studying and training, he has developed a methodolgy to not only get himself out of orthotics and pain, but to also help you move with alignment, control, freedom and ease.

Instead of masking aches and pains with orthotics or simply treating symptoms, Paul looks deeper and aims to treat and educate you on what is dysfunctional and what needs to be done to actually solve those problems, take your pain away, make you stronger, more flexible and most importantly give you back control over your body and your active lifestyle.

Paul created The Barefoot Movement out of frustration! Frustration with the over prescription of orthotics…the over reliance on orthotics…the effects of modern day footwear on our bodies/lifestyles…frustration at seeing clients come in to his clinic in pain, wanting a quick “bandaid-fix”…and frustration with the preventable missing link between dysfunctional foot posture and the pain that is affecting your life.

"build a body that supports you, not a body that relies on support" Paul Thompson

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